Top 5 best Google Analytics Plugins for WordPress

Best Google Analytics Plugins for WordPressGoogle Analytics helps you track your visitor’s commitment to your site. It provides important information with which you can improve the client experience of your website. As there are many methods used to boost website traffic such as building back link, SEO optimization and creating high-quality content are some of the methods. Using a WordPress, there are some easy ways for merging Google Analytics with the websites and then view all the traffics details. There are top 5 best Google Analytics plugins use for WordPress.

1. MonsterInsights

As we rate MonsterInsight as the best Google Analytics plugin for WordPress and in the current circumstance. It is one of the most presiding and a complete WordPress analytics plugin. MonsterInsight provides several different ways to help in working with Google Analytics on WordPress. It helps in adding the Google Analytics tracking content to the site without expecting any alter code. The price of MonsterInsight is free and also premium.

2. Analytify

It is one of the most popular and free of charge analytics plugins for WordPress. It offers excessively simple installation and is just like MonsterInsight. You can also get the page-level analytics for each post and page and as well as detail status for your custom post type, similar to galleries, testimonial, and portfolio. Analytify tools also support Woocommerce Google Analytic. Some of the features of Analytify provide social media statistics, Email notification, 1-click authentication and many more.

3. ExactMetrics

This is one of the best Google Analytics WP plugins. It is been install over 1 million and a well-known tool to use for analytics to the website. This is also known as Google Analytics Dashboard for WordPress. Some functions of the ExactMetric are that it tracks your visitors from the WordPress dashboard. You can look at all the details like page views, organic search, bounce rate and many more. As you can track online details which also include several visitors, traffic sources acquirement of channels from your WordPress Dashboard.

4. GA Google Analytics

It is one simple lightweight GDPR compliant plugin. This WP Google Analytics plugin’s main reason is to assist you with including the Google Analytics tracking code on every page of the website. It will not show any data or insights like different plugins however it does its job well. This WordPress analytics plugin is perfect for the individuals who know how to extract all data that need for Google Analytics.

5. WP Statistics

This plugin Google Analytics is the dominating WordPress analytics plugins that help in tracking all the visitors’ activities on the WordPress dashboard. This is not a Google Analytics plugins it has its advantages. This tool is easy to use and the best part you can get all the features free. The feature of this WP Google Analytic plugins are, it can overview and details of the pages, gives a wide range of data, including browser version. Emailing statistical reports and also exporting information to XML, TSV, and CSV.

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